We Are The Original HIPAA Experts

HIPAA Group has been helping with HIPAA since 2003. We serve medical providers of every type and size, along with business associates, attorneys, technology firms, and even patients. We offer several kinds of training (online, offline, and in-person), a variety of unique and effective awareness tools, and many kinds of compliance resources.

In HIPAA-related legal cases, we help attorneys, individuals, and organizations deal with legal challenges through our expert witness and advisory services. We are proud to have you visit our site and we hope you’ll find the tools and information you need during your stay. Thank you for choosing HIPAA Group, and please take the time to visit our online store at www.HIPAAstore.com.

Not All Training is the Same

These days, HIPAA training seems to be everywhere. Insurance companies, attorneys, independent consultants, and others are trying to cash in on the need for HIPAA training. Be careful! HIPAA training quality can range from excellent to poor – or worse. The training you select for your workforce will largely determine your HIPAA success, and your level of ongoing HIPAA compliance. HIPAA training from The HIPAA Group is the highest quality available.

What We Do

We teach people to understand, manage, and succeed with HIPAA. We also provide tools and resources to help make your HIPAA compliance efforts successful and cost-effective. If you like, we can even teach your patients about HIPAA so you and your staff don’t have to.

Our Mission

The HIPAA Group’s Mission is to provide the most complete, professional, and valuable HIPAA training and compliance experience for our clients. We aim to be the critical HIPAA resource for our Clients, while building The HIPAA Group brand into the most respected name in HIPAA compliance services.

Why We Are the Best

The HIPAA Group provides a complete HIPAA compliance methodology. Every component mandated by HIPAA is included. Our unique approach to HIPAA compliance unfolds smoothly within your practice, quietly transforming your non-compliant medical facility into a compliant one. We help accomplish HIPAA compliance without spending a fortune, and we help keep you compliant.